Duthrak's Coming

alt sketches

alt sketches

This was a commission for a D&D campaign, depicting a key moment when the party is saved by the arrival of some old friends. Here's a snippet from our back and forth:
"Context: Party met a goblin tribe early on in their adventure and managed to take over leadership of the tribe instead of killing them. The tribe is going to show up and rescue/assist the party at the end of the chapter in what I hope to be an epic moment lol

This character is a Hobgoblin named Duthrak and the tribe's warchief.

I'd like a shot of him peaking at the top of a hill, with the tribe's warbanner in one hand, seen from downhill. That'll be the player's perspective when he shows up with the tribe to help them in battle

For the warbanner, the tribe's symbol is a bear paw overlaid on a background of wild flowers"

January 14, 2021